Prashant Shukle joins AECO Board of Experts to help navigate government and drive innovation

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

Prashant Shukle has been appointed to the AECO Innovation Lab (AECO) Board of Experts (BoE). He is the former Director General and Head of the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation within the federal government.

In a statement last Wednesday, AECO says Shukle  acts as a strategic advisor for geospatial startups and space consultancies, including this appointment to the AECO BoE.

“I am very excited to be joining the AECO Board of Experts at a pivotal time when technology and access to data have the potential to truly transform how governments and industry work,” Shukle said in the statement. “I hope that the insights I can offer from my work in government, international associations and industry will help drive the digital transformation needed to be able to build assets better, greener and faster, ensuring Canada remains a great place to live.”

“Prashant’s guidance on AECO initiatives includes insights on developing standards that will allow the wide adoption of BIM and GIS across government and AEC sectors,” said arashShahi, AECO Innovation Lab’s CEO. “This will open doors as we push to streamline the development approval process with the One Ontario initiative, and generally help us navigate government. Ultimately, this will allow us to push boundaries and transform the way government and industry interact with technology.”


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